Friday, April 15, 2011

wings of a broken angel !

I once knew an angel a happy go luck one .
Sweet charming hopping from one happiness to another one , just like a honey bee .

Then I saw her again no more an angel like she used to be ... She changed. .... Her happiness was taken away ... Her wings were taken away ..

Life .... It throws infinite challenges towards us. , and they come in all shapes an sizes . Intense and non intense .
Easiest thing is to give up , lose , have a sense of pity for your own-self saying ahhh my wretched life ...

Why u forgot those happy moments what about themmm ...

Go get up it is your life stand up for it , find the best ways out seek new joys and just hang in there .

Have faith and patience and tide of time will change again and take u on its back to another mystical happiness .

This was my advise to the angel with broken wings !!


  1. Yup, life throws many high tides your way. You shouldnt drown in them, you should become the surfer that enjoys each tide with more élan than ever. Nice post and hope for more happiness for your angel. :)

  2. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.